Question: What’s the best way to save my work safely?

Answer: You can save your work in your own personal file store on the University Network, which only you can access.

What is my personal file store?

Your own personal file store is a very safe place to keep stuff because our UCLan techies can easily recover lost and corrupted files for you if needed - we keep backups for up to a year, in some cases even longer. You can easily save into this area on University computers by opening Windows Explorer and selecting the N: Drive. You will find your own My Documents folder here.

A quick way to open Windows Explorer is to use the shortcut combinations 'Win+E'.

Windows + E Shortcut

On campus, DO NOT save your work to the C: Drive or the Desktop – you may lose it.

If you prefer to work on your own laptop/PC/Mac/etc you can still reach the files on your N: Drive through our Remote Access services. You can continue working on them and save them back to the N: Drive when you have finished.

It’s always a good idea to have more than one copy of your work. There are various backup options available to you such as cloud storage or a simple USB stick. Don’t rely solely on USB sticks – they are easily lost.

As a UCLan student you also have your own dedicated area for storing and saving your documents in OneDrive for Business. If you delete or over-write your files by mistake and want to get them back, they’ll stay in the recycle bin for 90 days, from where you can easily get them back again. After 90 days LIS may be able to recover them for you, but after 180 days they’ll be completely removed from Microsoft’s servers.


Go to the service:
Download Citrix Receiver
OneDrive for Business Login

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