Question: How do I show I'm a student at UCLan?

Answer: Your UCLan Card is the best way of showing your status as a student. Keep your UCLan Card with you at all times when you are on campus - this is important.

What is my UCLan Card used for?

Your UCLan Card is used to access some buildings (e.g. the library at Preston or Burnley Campus) and scanned to register attendance at classes on campus.

You must keep your UCLan Card on you at all times whilst on campus. If you do not scan your UCLan Card at timetabled sessions on campus you will be marked absent.

You will also use the information on your UCLan Card to log onto the University network, for services such as eLearn Blackboard and your UCLan email account. Your default login details are printed on the back of your card.

The barcode on your UCLan Card is your Library Account number.

If you have not already received your UCLan card, you should ensure that you are fully enrolled with the university. You should upload a digital passport-style photograph. You will need your UCLan student ID / Reg. number to do this. Your UCLan student ID / Reg. number is an 8 digit number usually prefixed with the letter G and is included on your reminder email from the University to upload your passport-style photo.

If you need any further confirmation of your student status contact The <i> who can offer additional advice.


Go to the service:
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