Question: Where do I go to get help?

Answer: Your first port of call for advice and support on all aspects of University life is The <i>. If you have a question or a concern, please call them on 01772 895000 or if you're on campus, pop into see them.

What is The <i>?

Your first port of call for advice and support is the institution where you study, however, there are support services available at UCLan who can also advise you on all aspects of University life.

The <i> is a one-stop shop for student support, if you have a question or a concern please drop them a line. Based on the ground floor of the Library, they can answer queries on a range of topics including:

  • Student financial support
  • Library Services
  • IT and printing
  • Exams, results and graduation
  • Car parking
  • International welfare issues

The <i> will also make sure you reach the most expert help available.

Contact the <i>
Telephone: 01772 895000
IT help?
Contact the LIS Customer Support Team (CST) for IT and technical support, particularly if you are off-campus. Our Customer Support staff are always willing to help and, just like The <i>, will make sure you find the best source of help whatever your query.
Contact the CST
Phone: 01772 895355
Online help?

Sometimes we want to contact a real person for information and sometimes it's great to find out for ourselves. Here at UCLan we give you access to hundreds of online courses and thousands of videos that will assist you in developing important new skills and increasing your employability. is a professionally-produced collection of videos that you can use to enhance your learning and understanding. The choice is wide and includes Microsoft Office and Adobe products as well as general business, education and marketing skills.


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