Question: How will I know when and where my classes are running?

Answer: To help you stay organised and up-to-the-minute you can look at your timetable online. You can also access it on your mobile phone.

Accessing your Online Timetable

Start checking your timetable as soon as you can. You’ll find events already scheduled for you, ready for the start of the academic year.

Links are available to your timetable on the Student Portal. To see more, click on the Weekly Timetable link and you can scroll through future weeks in that view. As well as your teaching events you will also be able to view your Welcome Week events on your personalised online weekly timetable.

It's a good idea to keep an eye on your timetable so that you are aware of any changes. You may also be sent an email or SMS message to alert you to a change.

Each entry on your timetable will tell you where you should go. It will give you the building, followed by a code for the room – two letters to indicate the building, followed by three numbers. The first number tells you which floor the room is on. Follow the numbers around the floor to locate the correct room. Have a look at the Campus Map to see where the buildings are situated.


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